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Race Results - Evergreen Speedway State Fair 2023

Here are your race results for the AMCA Dwarf Cars Presented by Central Welding Supply and RaceCals for our double header at Evergreen Speedway (8/26 - 8/27).

Congratulations Cameron, Rick, Daryl on your win Sunday!

We had quite the weekend at Evergreen Speedway. An annual favorite, the Dwarfs love heading to Evergreen and seeing how their cars stack up next to the Monster Trucks.

Saturday Fast Time Qualifier Cameron Stark

(Thank you Evergreen Speedway Photographs for the photos!)

Cameron Stark was on fire this weekend. He started out by taking the Fast Qualifier and won the second heat race.

Qualifying Order

  1. 14 Cameron Stark 18.070

  2. 8w Dale Knutson 18.194

  3. 1w Daryl Knutson 18.457

  4. 4w Brian Taylor 18.470

  5. 76c Josh Velock 18.821

  6. 6w Steve Taylor 18.897

  7. 18c Rick Taylor 19.320

  8. 11c Chad Sinner 19.500

  9. 42 Jay Elliott 19.576

  10. 4r Gabriel Guevara 19.854

  11. 7x Jimmy Bentley 19.976

  12. 13w Ethan Knepsal 25.325

Saturday Heat Winners

Brian Taylor won the first heat and

Cameron Stark took the second. Congrats Brian and Cameron!

Saturday Pit Shots

Thank you Legend Cars for joining us!

What? In Car Driver Shots?!? This is Awesome!

(Thank you Evergreen Speedway Photographs for the photos!)

Saturday Feature Winner - Cameron Stark

Saturday's big action was between Dale and Cameron who ran 20 laps side by side. Then there was a caution, and after the restart they went side by side again for 10 laps and then Cameron pulled ahead with just a few to go.

Unfortunately Jimmy Bentley 7x spun and was clipped by Cameron Stark. Jimmy took some damage and could not continue. We also lost Brian Taylor after the 1st Heat when he found some oil dripping out of the engine of his Dwarf Car.

Rick Taylor was second.

Daryl Knutson was third.

(Thank you Evergreen Speedway Photographs for the photos!)

Saturday Main Event

  1. 14 Cameron Stark

  2. 8w Dale Knutson

  3. 1w Daryl Knutson

  4. 18c Rick Taylor

  5. 76c Josh Velock

  6. 11c Chad Sinner

  7. 42 Jay Elliott

  8. 6w Steve Taylor

  9. 4r Gabriel Guevara

  10. 7x Jimmy Bentley

  11. 13w Ethan Knepsal

Sunday Fast Time Qualifier and First Heat Race Winner Cameron Stark

(Thank you Brandy Chavez for the photos!)

Qualifying Order

  1. 14w Cameron Stark 18.035

  2. 8w Dale Knutson 18.161

  3. 18c Rick Taylor 18.312

  4. 6w Steve Taylor 18.740

  5. 1w Daryl Knutson 18.774

  6. 76c Josh Velock 18.955

  7. 42 Jay Elliott 19.103

  8. 4r Gabriel Guevara 19.726

Sunday Heat 2 Winner

Daryl Knutson took the second heat. Congrats Daryl.

Sunday Main Event Winner Cameron Stark

On Sunday Cameron got the lead pretty quickly. Rick Taylor had the second position by a few car links as well. But the battle for third was another action packed side by side race for many laps between Daryl and Dale. Eventually Daryl edged out his father.

Rick Taylor Second

Daryl Knutson Third

Sunday Main Event

  1. 14w Cameron Stark

  2. 18c Rick Taylor

  3. 1w Daryl Knutson

  4. 8w Dale Knutson

  5. 76c Josh Velock

  6. 42 Jay Elliott

  7. 6w Steve Taylor

  8. 4r Gabriel Guevara

  9. 13w Ethan Knepsal

Sunday Pit Shots!

(Thank you Evergreen Speedway Photographs for the photos!)

We're always looking for photos to post on the website. Make sure to email any that you'd like to share to

Points Update

Here are the top 10 in points after the two-day show. We have a new leader at the top of the board after sweeping the wins at Evergreen Speedway.

  1. 14w Cameron Stark 4298

  2. 1w Daryl Knutson 4238

  3. 8w Dale Knutson 4083

  4. 42 Jay Elliot 3684

  5. 18c Rick Taylor 3072

  6. 4w Steve Taylor 2408

  7. 23w Brian Taylor 1939

  8. 22w Chuck O'Connor 1784

  9. 6w Tyler Howard 1217

Up Next - Agassiz Speedway.

Next up on the schedule, the Dwarfs head to the racer favorite two day show at Agassiz Speedway.

Come on out and root for your favorite dwarf car racer.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars are brought to you by RaceCals and Central Welding Supply Supply.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarfs are a group of racers running a series of events on dirt and asphalt tracks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back here for news after each race.

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