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Race Results - Agassiz Speedway - Sep 9-10

The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars were out in force last weekend for a very special weekend at Agassiz Speedway. It was the 6th annual Fred Rannard Sr. Open Wheel Classic.

Friday Fast Time Qualifier

The fast time qualifier award went to Riley Windsor with a 14.420.

Trophy Dash and Heat Race

The trophy dash winner was Braydon Aumon and Thomas Misener won the heat race.

Friday Main Event

Braydon Aumon took home the win! Congratulations Braydon.


  1. 88 Braydon Aumon

  2. 14 Thomas Misener

  3. 21 Joel Brooks

  4. 93 Riley Windsor

  5. 16 Dan Scott

  6. 15 John Misener

  7. 59 Paul Flynn

  8. 47 Darrell Hyland

Friday Winner Photos


Troy Kunas and Fred Rannard

Saturday's Fast Time

Riley Windsor again was the fast time qualifier with a 14.099. But the difference is this became a new Dwarf Car track record!

Trophy and Heat Race

AMCA Bandit Member Dan Scott won the trophy and heat race.

Unfortunately there was an incident that took out a couple cars. The #14 Thomas Misener made contact with #16 Dan Scott. This resulted in Thomas snapping his rear axle. The #93 Riley Windsor got tangled in it as well resulting in his throttle bottle coming off the engine and a larger electrical issue. The race was declared at an end giving Dan Scott the victory. Also he had incurred a broken break line during the incident but was able to get it fixed in time for the main. However Thomas and Riley could not get their cars fixed in time.

Main Event Winner

Braydon Aumen took home the win on Saturday night. Two nights in a row!

A close Second place went to Dan Scott

Joel Brooks got third. Also second night in a row!

Complete Results

  1. 88 Braydon Aumen

  2. 16 Dan Scott

  3. 21 Joel Brooks

  4. 15 John Misener

  5. 47 Darrell Hyland

  6. 59 Paul Flynn

There's only one more AMCA sanctioned race left this year: The Pocket Change Race at Willamette Speedway on October 1st.

Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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