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Race Results - Agassiz Speedway - Fred Rannard Sr Open Wheel Classic - 2023

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Here are your race results for the AMCA Dwarf Cars Presented by Central Welding Supply and RaceCals for the Fred Rannard Sr. Open Wheel Classic on September 9th at Agassiz Speedway.

(Thank you Jim Olson for the photos!)

Things started out a bit rough for AMCA regular Jay Elliot while in practice. The track worker sending cars out on the track for practice sent the entire field of 19 out at once. Once they realized their mistake, they threw a caution to get some of the cars off the track. Unfortunately this resulted in some cars knowing about the caution and others not. Jay was high on the track going into turn one when another driver plowed into him against the wall.

The other car broke a fuel line spilling gas that ignited, catching both cars and drivers in a huge blaze of flames. Jay got out and then assisted the other driver who had flames on the sleeve of his driver's suit.

The other guys car was severely burnt and Jay's car scorched before the were able to get the flames out. Jay's car bent his steering column during the initial impact of the wreck, making the car undrivable.

But with the encouragement and great help from fellow AMCA drivers Dale Knutson and Rick Taylor, they got the car back together to get a qualifying lap in.

Jay finished the night racing and earning a top ten finish. But I digress.

(Thank you Jim Olson for the photos!)


Saturday Fast Time Qualifier Went to Brad Struck with a 14.160. Congrats Brad!

  1. 52 Brad Struck 14.160

  2. 88 Braydon Aumen 14.255

  3. 93 Riley Windsor 14.313

  4. 3 Zack Zeinstra 14.358

  5. 17 Darian Zeinstra 14.382

  6. 18 Rick Taylor 14.497

  7. 14 Thomas Misener 14.562

  8. 8 Dale Knutson 14.627

  9. 21 Joel Brooks 14.648

  10. 14W Cameron Stark 14.706

  11. 1 Darryl Knutson 14.768

  12. 44 Luke Dixon 14.826

  13. 22 Tyler Peters 14.853

  14. 16 Dan Scott 14.908

  15. 47 Darrell Hyland 15.116

  16. 38 Braydon Weiler 15.126

  17. 74 John Misener 15.128

  18. 42 Jay Elliot 15.473

Trophy Dash

  1. 3 Zack Zeinstra

  2. 52 Brad Struck

  3. 88 Braydon Aumen

  4. 93 Riley Windsor

Heat Race Winners

Brad Struck took the 1st Heat Win and Cameron Stark took the 2nd. Congratulations guys!

(Thank you Jim Olson for the photos!)

Main Event

During the Main Event, Dale Knutson got into a tangle with a spun car and sat crossways on the track. And then Another car (after hitting another car) while trying to stop for the incident wheel hopped straight into the side of Dale and ended his night.

With about 5-6 laps to go in the main, a caution came out. Rick Taylor was black flagged due to a flat left front tire. Because the car was driving just great with the left front flat, he was continuing to race until a caution sent him off the track.

High AMCA finish honors went to Cameron Stark who came from back in the pack to finish a very strong 3rd in a fast and talented 18 car field of dwarf cars.

(Thank you Jim Olson for the photos!)

Main Event Full Results

  1. 17 Darian Zeinstra

  2. 14 Thomas Misener

  3. 14W Cameron Stark

  4. 88 Braydon Aumen

  5. 3 Zack Zeinstra

  6. 1 Darryl Knutson

  7. 52 Brad Struck

  8. 42 Jay Elliot

  9. 38 Braydon Weiler

  10. 93 Riley Windsor

  11. 47 Darrell Hyland

  12. 16 Dan Scott

  13. 44 Luke Dixon

  14. 18 Rick Taylor

  15. 8 Dale Knutson

  16. 21 Joel Brooks

  17. 22 Tyler Peters

We're always looking for photos to post on the website. Make sure to email any that you'd like to share to

Points Update

Here are the top 10 in points after the two-day show. We have a new leader at the top of the board after sweeping the wins at Evergreen Speedway.

Up Next - South Sound

Next up on the schedule, the Dwarfs head to South Sound Speedway this Saturday (9/23) for the last race there and the third last race of the season.

Come on out and root for your favorite dwarf car racer.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars are brought to you by RaceCals and Central Welding Supply Supply.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarfs are a group of racers running a series of events on dirt and asphalt tracks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back here for news after each race.

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