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Race Results - Stateline Speedway - June 24-25

The RaceCals AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars surprised fans with quick times and exciting action. Perhaps they weren't expecting that from a smaller car. We will be posting some video from in dash (and on roof) camera footage from the weekend soon.

Here are the race results for our excellent weekend at Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway.

Starting on Friday, the qualifying times were taken from practice laps and Cameron Stark qualified first with a 14.919.

June 24th Heat

However, it was Rick Taylor 18c who took the heat race. He was followed by Cameron Stark 10, Brian Taylor 4w, Dale Knutson 8w, & Austin Buxton 64w.

June 24th Main Event Winner

Rick Taylor 18c did it again in the main event taking home the first award for the weekend. He was followed by Cameron Stark 10, Dale Knutson 8w, Brian Taylor 4w, & Austin Buxton 64w.

Due to a fair amount of cars still being busted up and one particular driver celebrating his birthday (Happy Birthday Daryl Knutson!) we were not expecting to have a large field.

However we still had a lot of fun on Friday.

On Saturday the heat picked up and it was the slickest track conditions of the year. Rick Taylor qualified first with a 14.676. We'll have to see you back next time Rick if you want to take the track record as Troy Kunas still holds it at 14.495.

June 25th Heat

Cameron Stark's seemingly drifting approach won off and he took the heat race and once again confirmed that "Loose is Fast". He was followed by Dale Knutson 8w, Rick Taylor 18c, Austin Buxton 64w, and Brian Taylor 4w.

Fan Appreciation Night

One of the Bandolero drivers found his way into a dwarf car. Jaxon Morgan may be asking his dad for a new car soon! Sorry Dave, but on the other hand you wouldn't be disappointed.

Fan appreciation night is always such a delight. Kids light up when they see the cars up close and even get to sit in one.

It is usually one of the best times of the year. Many a driver have shared stories about their first experience at such an event

June 25th Main Event Winner

Cameron Stark continued to amaze as he got first place in the main event! It was an exciting race and the fans were given a great show.

Taking second was Rick Taylor followed by Brian Taylor for 3rd.

New Stark Crew Member

Besides celebrating the win, Cameron wanted to welcome their new crew member to the team.

All in all it was a great weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone for the next race in the US Challenge Series presented by Central Welding Supply at South Sound Speedway on July 2nd.

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