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Race Results - Stateline Speedway - 7/22 + Points Update

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

July 22nd, 2023, Stateline Speedway - Here are your race results for the AMCA Dwarf Cars Presented by Central Welding Supply and RaceCals.

(Rick Taylor 1st Place, Brian Taylor 2nd Place, Daryl Knutson 3rd Place)

Rick Taylor is back! Rick always seems to do well at Findlay Stadium Stateline Speedway.

Friday Night Qualifying

Begining Friday night we had a tight field of qualifying.

  1. Cameron Stark 14w

  2. Rick Taylor 18c

  3. Dale Knutson 8w

  4. Brian Taylor 4w

  5. Daryl Knutson 1w

  6. Jay Elliot 42

Friday Heat Race

Daryl Knutson took the win to begin the night. As usual his dad Dale is having a great time supporting him.

Friday Main Event

Rick Taylor was your winner for Friday nights main event followed by Cameron in 2nd and Daryl in 3rd.

Dinner Time!

The AMCA Bandit Dwarfs are like a family. Sometimes we eat together, we play together and we help each other out.

Saturday Night Qualifying

  1. Cameron Stark 14w

  2. Rick Taylor 18c

  3. Brian Taylor 4w

  4. Dale Knutson 8w

  5. Daryl Knutson 1w

  6. Jay Elliot 42

  7. James Ham 87

Saturday Heat Race

Rick Taylor had his second win in two days.

Saturday Main Event

Rick Taylor made his point known by winning his third race of the weekend.

Andrew Kunas Collects Counts from Jay Elliot for the Pocket Change Race

More Photos - Thank you Dawn Wilson for all of the awesome photos!

Points Update

Here are the current top 10 in points after throw-outs following our last race weekend at Stateline Speedway.

1. 1w - Daryl Knutson 2579

2. 14w - Cameron Stark 2541

3. 8w - Dale Knutson 2522

4. 42 - Jay Elliot 2231

5. 4w - Brian Taylor 1793

6. 18c - Rick Taylor 1330

7. 23 - Tylor Howard 1217

8. 22w - Chuck O'Conner 1206

9. 6w - Steve Taylor 993

10. 72 - Greg Long 797

Up Next

We have our second double header at Stateline Speedway on Aug 11th - 12th.

We're always looking for photos to post on the website. Make sure to email any that you'd like to share to

The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars are brought to you by RaceCals and Central Welding Supply Supply.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarfs are a group of racers running a series of events on dirt and asphalt tracks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back here for news after each race.

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