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Race Results - South Sound - 5/14

Updated: May 16, 2022

May 14th, 2022, South Sound Speedway - Here are your race results for the AMCA US Challenge Series Presented by Central Welding Supply and RaceCals.

Tylor Howard made a last lap pass to win a *wild* AMCA Bandit Dwarfs main event at South Sound Speedway! His second win of the season. Main event finish: 23 Tylor Howard, 4w Brian Taylor, 37w Troy Kunas, 10o Cameron Stark, 8w Dale Knutson, 64w Austin Buxton, 1w Daryl Knutson, 17x Crystal Flath, 00x Doug Pirtle, 42 Robert Stark, 45w Tony Evans.

Main Event Winner: Tyler Howard

For our first heat, Troy Kunas took the win. Heat 1: 37w Troy Kunas, 17x Crystal Flath, 45w Tony Evans, 42 Robert Stark, 64w Austin Buxton, DNS - 6w Steve Taylor.

Heat 1 Winner: Troy Kunas

For the second heat, Tyler Howard took 1st. Heat 2: 23 Tylor Howard, 10o Cameron Stark, 4w Brian Taylor, 8w Dale Knutson, 00x Doug Pirtle, 1w Daryl Knutson.

Heat 2 Winner: Tyler Howard

And finally, we had our trophy dash winner, Cameron Stark! 10o Cameron Stark wins the AMCA Bandit Dwarf Car trophy dash at South Sound Speedway over 23 Tylor Howard, 8w Dale Knutson and 37w Troy Kunas.

Trophy Dash Winner: Cameron Stark

Next up on the schedule, the AMCA Bandit Dwarf Car International Challenge Series is at Pendicton Speedway on May 22nd.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars are brought to you by RaceCals and Central Welding Supply Supply.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarfs are a group of racers running a series of events on dirt and asphalt tracks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back here for news after each race.

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