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Race Results - Penticton - 5/20

Updated: May 22, 2023

May 20th, 2023, Penticton Speedway - Here are your race results for the AMCA Dwarf Cars Presented by Central Welding Supply and RaceCals.

Unfortunately we will only be talking about Saturday since Sunday was rained out. But at least Saturday was a great day of racing. The Dwarfs started out in high spirits and qualifying went as follows:

  1. Braydon Aumen - 14.483

  2. Danny Karslake - 14.649

  3. Riley Windsor - 14.740

  4. Dan Scott - 14.818

  5. Rick Taylor - 15.159

  6. Dale Knutson - 15.165

  7. Jay Elliot - 16.491

  8. Daryl Knutson - timing did not transit

Braydon Aumen with Fast Time

Trophy Dash Winner Dan Scott

The night began with a trophy dash. Starting on the pole, Dan Scott was able to hold off a charging Aumen and Karslake for the win.

Rick Taylor Heat Winner

Rick Taylor started outside of row one and won the race to turn one.  Danny Karslake in the 61c worked his way up from 6th starting position in the 20-lap heat race to take second. Braydon Aumen came up from the 7th starting position and finished in 3rd.

Braydon Aumen Feature Winner

The main event saw the top four in points earned from qualifying and the heat race inverted at the front of the field for the 35-lap man.  Dale Knutson started on the pole and held the lead for about the first 5-laps before giving it up to Rick Taylor follow right behind by Danny Karslake.  A couple laps later, Braydon Aumen made it past Dale for third.  Aumen, after about 10-laps or so, had made it around Karslake for second and started to catch up to Rick Taylor. Aumen was right on top of Taylor trying to find a way around him for about 10-laps, before making the pass to the lead with around 5 laps to go.

Rick Taylor Took 2nd

Danny Karslake for 3rd

Feel good story of the weekend

Our feel-good story of the weekend is all about rookie Jay Elliot.  On night one he qualified 2-seconds off the pace of fast time from Braydon Amen.  His speed kept improving as the night progressed through the racing action.  On night two, before the rains came and washed the racing action out for the night, Jay was running in the low 15-seconds in practice; a full 1.3-seconds faster than qualifying on day one. He was getting quicker as most others were not as fast as on day one.  A job well done Jay!

We're always looking for photos to post on the website. Make sure to email any that you'd like to share to

Next up on the schedule, the Dwarfs head to Agassiz Speedway on May 27th - 29th.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars are brought to you by RaceCals and Central Welding Supply Supply.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarfs are a group of racers running a series of events on dirt and asphalt tracks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back here for news after each race.

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