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Race Results - Hermiston Raceway - Sep 3-4

The Labor Day spectacular at Hermiston Raceway was packed. In fact they were sold out! As usual the AMCA Bandits had a great time.

Saturday Fast Time Qualifier and Main Event Winner

Cameron Stark took home the fast time award and the gold on Saturday. During the Racing America broadcast, Hermiston Raceway announcers Dwight Everett and Greg Rentz were remarking on how Cameron seemed to be drifting around the track like he was on dirt. We've seen this before!


  1. 10 Cameron Stark

  2. 42 Robert Stark

  3. 77 Bass Wade

  4. 64w Jay Elliott

  5. 75x Robert Lokovsek

But the coolest thing was seeing the winners give their interviews. The following are screen grabs from the Racing America live stream.

(Thank you Racing America for the photos!)

Sunday Main Event

It was deja vu as we had the exact same results on Sunday minus a car.


  1. 10 Cameron Stark

  2. 42 Robert Stark

  3. 77 Bass Wade

  4. 64w Jay Elliott

If you aren't convinced yet that racing is a blast, just see how much fun our drivers have hanging out. It's really about family and just having a good time.

There's only one more race left this year. Come out to the track and support our clan of dwarf cars. We look forward to seeing you!

(Thank you Sandi Allen for the photos!!)

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