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Race Results - Grays Harbor Raceway - 6/17-6/18 + Points Update

Here are your race results for the AMCA Dwarf Cars Presented by Central Welding Supply and RaceCals.

Dwarf Car PHRA vs AMCA Challenge winner - Tylor Howard

The 2021 AMCA Champion having not raced for more than a year took first place both nights! Congrats Tylor Howard!


Tylor Howard started 8th and won the A-main. Corey Estabon took second and Justin DaMeres was third. All 8 AMCA cars made the main event.

Heat 1

  1. 89Z Henry Corbin III

  2. 96 Mike Shoen

  3. 17X Crystal Flath

  4. 92 Chris Hutson

  5. 4W Brian Taylor

  6. 42 Jay Elliott

  7. 57 Jasen Simmons

Heat 2

  1. 24 Justin DeMars

  2. 19 Mike Chadwick

  3. 23 Tylor Howard

  4. 8 Doug Davenport

  5. 5. 7K George Fisher

  6. 00 Jim Pavel

  7. 53 Rob Glenney

  8. 1W Daryl Knutson

Heat 3

  1. 36 Corey Estabon

  2. 63X Brandon Wiley

  3. 3 Jim Fischer

  4. 14W Cameron Stark

  5. 8W Dale Knutson

  6. 90Z Henry Corbin II

  7. 33R David McClaughry

B Main Winner


A Main (Top 10)

  1. Howard

  2. Estabon

  3. DeMars

  4. Chadwick

  5. Davenport

  6. Corbin III

  7. Wiley

  8. Stark

  9. Glenney

  10. Fischer


The main event was a close hard fought race up front between Estabon and Howard. Howard passed Estabon at the finish line and promptly turned over the lead to Estabon in turn 1. However the timing of a caution flag had the score keepers showing Howard in front at the last completed lap. Which put Howard up front on the restart. Estabon fought Howard for a couple laps before Howard pulled away. Then coming to take the checkered flag, it was Howard up front and Estabon let off early allowing Wiley and Chadwick and to pass him.


Night two heats went to Brandon Wiley and Tylor Howard.

Main Event

Chadwick and Wiley passed Estabon at the finish line.

  1. Howard

  2. Wiley

  3. Chadwick

  4. Estabon.

Points Update

Here are the 10 in season points after night number two at Grays Harbor Raceway. We have another point leader, but its a familiar individual.

  1. 14w Cameron Stark 1467

  2. 1w Daryl Knutson 1412

  3. 8w Dale Knutson 1332

  4. 42 Jay Elliot 1022

  5. 4w Brian Taylor 855

  6. 61c Danny Karslake 708

  7. 16v Dan Scott 660

  8. 18c Rick Taylor 642

  9. 22w Chuck O'Connor 596

  10. 6w Steve Taylor 573

We're always looking for photos to post on the website. Make sure to email any that you'd like to share to

Up Next

Next up on the schedule, the Dwarfs head to Skagit Speedway on July 1st. This is the first time we've been there for 4 years.

We might as well call it the AMCA and NWDCA Challenge. We are looking at a good car count also with an open welcome to PHRA and other clubs. We should also have some Canadians!

Skagit is a 3/10 high bank clay oval and is one of the premier tracks in the U.S.

Jake Tupper was the winner at the last race AMCA visited Skagit before Covid. He'll be back to try to repeat his victory. And the winner of the 2 day Timber Cup show at Grays Harbor (Tylor Howard) will be attending as well try to continue his roll of victories.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars are brought to you by RaceCals and Central Welding Supply Supply.

The AMCA Bandit Dwarfs are a group of racers running a series of events on dirt and asphalt tracks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back here for news after each race.

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