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Race Results - Evergreen Speedway - Aug 27-28

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

The Dwarfs had perhaps the best race of the year at Evergreen Speedway last weekend. With so much to do it is always a busy weekend and the attendance reflected this fact. Where else can you see a monster truck and a dwarf car in one day?

(Thank you Jeff Harris and Evergreen Speedway for the photo!)

Saturday Fast Time Qualifier and Heat Race 1 Winner

Dale Knutson took the fast time on Saturday with an 18.045. Your Central Welding Supply and RaceCals Heat Race winner was also Dale Knutson.

Dale Knutson was cruising this weekend. He may have taken it all the way both days if it wasn't for an unfortunate incident that we'll go more into later.

Saturday Heat 2 Winner

Brian Taylor took the 2nd heat win.

Saturday Main Event

The Main Event Winner was Greg Long!

About the incident! At one point there was a three wide battle and even a bunch of five near the end when it happened. Dale got turned around and Daryl had nowhere to go resulting in both of them being taken out. On the restart Greg got a beat on the field and took 1st. Good work Greg!

Top Results

Main: 72, 10, 11, 37, 4, 17, 6, 00, 1w, 8w

Heat 1: 8w, 10, 1w.

Heat 2: 4w, 17x, 72.

Sunday Fan Fest

To start the day off we had one of the best fan fests ever with the cutest fans ever. This is what it's all about. Seeing kids sit in the cars grinning ear to ear is a big motivator. A lot of your current racers have memories like these.

(Thank you Mom's and Dad's who visited our cars at Fan fest and gave your loved ones a chance to race! Keeping the hope alive for a future generation.)

Sunday Main Event

Sunday had another great battle with a last lap go ahead by the winner.

Your main event winner was Brian Taylor!

Cameron Stark took second...

Crystalann Flath took third.

One of the best stories of the weekend is about the third place winner Crystalann Flath. Troy was recounting his trip down the line before the race. He was shaking hands and when he got up to Crystalann he told her, "I believe you are going to make the podium."

Well as we all have felt at times, Crystalann replied that she wasn't sure about it and felt nervous. Troy remembers saying, "You have to think you're going to do it before you can ever do it." And he said that he had confidence in her. At the end to see her on the podium was very heartwarming. Talk about a happy racer!

Top Results

4w, 10 17x 11c, 37, 1w, 00x, 72, 64, 42.

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