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AMCA heads to Grays Harbor with NWDCA Joining

THIS WEEKEND, May 25th-26th - The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Cars head to Gray's Harbor Raceway this weekend and the NWDCA Dwarf Cars will be joining us. Thank you friends!

Grays Harbor Raceway is a 3/8 high-banked dirt oval and will be the second dirt race of the year for AMCA.

Here is the current list of drivers scheduled for this weekend.

1w Daryl Knutson

6w Mike Woolery

8 Josh Rogers

8o Kyle Pope

8w Dale Knutson

14w Cameron Stark

21o Adam Walker

21w Sean Rothwell

23o Molly Williams

24 Justin DeMars

32 Robert Stark

42w Jay Elliot

44 Robert Rush

54o Dave Brune

57 Jasen Simmons

72 Kyle Frelich

96b Ryan Bishop

97o Brian Miller

Last weekend some of us joined with the NWDCA at River City Speedway. It's always a good time racing with the NWDCA.

View our complete schedule here:

The AMCA Bandit Dwarf Car Series is presented by Central Welding Supply and RaceCals.

Make sure to visit the results page after the race!

The AMCA Bandit Dwarfs are a group of racers running a series of events on dirt and asphalt tracks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back here for news after each race.

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